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Derm Exclusive Reviews | Does It Really Work?

Derm ExclusiveWelcome to my Derm Exclusive Reviews site, my name is Mindy. I have been using the Derm Exclusive Anti-Aging products and wanted to share my personal experience with it and how it compares to other anti-aging products I’ve tried.

I received the Derm Exclusive Kit from my daughter as a Mother’s Day gift. I had been using a Neutrogena anti-aging product that I actually quite liked, so I was a little hesitant to try Derm Exclusive. The Derm Exclusive Kit that I received was a 30-day supply so I decided to try it to see how it compared against Neutrogena. I was surprised by what I discovered.

When reading up on the product on the Official Derm Exclusive Website I was impressed with its bold claims. Derm Exclusive guarantees:

  • INSTANTLY smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Fading age spots and evening out skin tone
  • Firming and lifting sagging, tired-looking skin
  • Improving skin radiance

The bold claims don’t stop there. The results from a study done with women using Derm Exclusive for 30-days are remarkable.

  • 96% reported smoother skin
  • 92% saw improved radiance
  • 90% noticed fewer lines and wrinkles.

To achieve these amazing results the Derm Exclusive Anti-Aging Skin Care line uses a four-part system. The Introductory Derm Exclusive Kit includes Micro Peel Resurfacing Pads, Intensive Repair Serum, Collagen Lift, and Fill & Freeze Wrinkle Treatment. There are three different kits to choose from, but all contain these four essential products.

Each part of the Derm Exclusive Anti-Aging Skin Care System is necessary to receive optimal results. Dr. Ordon, the creator of Derm Exclusive and who privately works with Hollywood celebrities as a plastic surgeon, states, “The results are so powerful, they’re clinically proven to be as good as—or even better than—what you’d see from top cosmetic procedures.”

Very few people can afford to get plastic surgery. Dr. Ordon has made it possible to get the same results that he offers to a very small group of people to everybody at a very reasonable and affordable price.

I found all of the claims that Derm Exclusives boldly makes to be true for me in my experience using it for the first 30-days. I had instant results and the more I use it the more radiant and younger my skin looks and feels. I continue to get compliments on my skin and people are shocked when I tell them my age because I look years younger.

Derm Exclusive has proven to give me faster and better results than the Neutrogena product I was using previously. The two drawbacks to Derm Exclusive is that it is a little more pricey than a one-bottle method, such as Neutrogena and it takes a little more time to use the 4-step system. But if you’re looking for professional, lasting, and instant results it is well worth the time and few extra bucks.

A great thing about trying Derm Exclusive is that it is completely risk-free to try. When you order any of the Derm Exclusive Kits you have a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. The Derm Exclusive Anti-Aging Skin Care System is guaranteed to give you results in 30-days. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason you can get your money back. There is absolutely nothing to lose.

I hope that my Derm Exclusive review has been helpful to you. I will talk more in-depth about the Derm Exclusive ingredients and Derm Exclusive Fill and Freeze, so stay tuned.

I highly recommend Derm Exclusive to anyone who wants to look younger or to anyone who wants to prevent the appearance of winkles and tired looking skin. It truly is a phenomenal product!

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